Tidy Up Challenge

Challenge Yourself

Every person is unique and responds differently to the challenges we face everyday managing home and work. The single, the married, the parent, the student, the professional, the retired…we all have one thing in common, we have to live somewhere. Depending on our living space and habits, we fall into one of three categories, the messy, the clean and the in-between.

Wherever you fall in the homemaking spectrum is not an indicator of your ability to get organized. With the right tools and time management skills, all is not lost. The time is now to look at your space and the people in it and consider the challenge.

The Tidy Up Challenge

Create goals
Handle emotions
Assume responsibility
List problem areas
List possible solutions
Enlist help
Negate clutter
Generate ideas
Effect change

The Space Challenge

Sometimes organization has less to do with the homemaker than it does the space available for our things. Making lists of problems and solutions will help you generate ideas and tackle clutter in your home. Many homes are space challenged, lacking attics, basements and closets. If you’ve made the decision to fit in the space you live in or a new small space, solutions are available.

The People Challenge

While some of us worry about better utilizing our space for organization, some of us worry about managing our housemates. Some people are not conducive to organization or productivity. It is important to enlist their help regardless. Their input is crucial for them to effect change in their lives and your home. You need their ideas to negate their clutter. If you are the challenge, then enlist the help of family and friends. Everyone deserves to live simply and clutter-free. If you can’t do it on your own, get the help you need to enjoy your life and home now.